FamGenix connects patients with healthcare providers for more accurate family health histories.

Save time identifying high-risk patients and assessing inherited risk.

Free Patient App

Empower your patients to control and maintain their own family health history record before the clinic visit by using the free FamGenix mobile app.

Guided Health History

Patients are guided in tracking important family health data to determine inherited risk. Include custom surveys to gather specific patient or family data on any disease.

Family Collaboration

Patients can invite other family members to add their own health history.

Cascade Screening

Facilitate communication and information sharing among at-risk family members.

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Provider Portal

Healthcare providers can login to our Provider portal via FamGenix.com and view the patient’s pedigree and family history data.

Auto-Identifies Patients for Referral

Auto-identifies patients that meet NCCN criteria for further genetic counseling or testing.

Auto Generated Pedigree

View/modify pedigree and patient-entered data from the app, or enter family history and draw pedigrees for patients not using the app.

Integrated Risk Modeling

Compare 5-year and lifetime cancer risks from various models, including BOADICEA, Gail, and Claus. Tyrer-Cuzick and Bayes-Mendel coming soon.

White Label Option to Brand and Customize Your Own App

If you’re a healthcare entity looking for a pedigree and family history solution, you’ve found the ultimate platform.

With 20 years experience of developing software tools for family history solutions worldwide, why not license our technology and leave the hassles of handling complex families to us?

Brand the software as your own with custom logos, colors, labeling and surveys, and simply use us as your family history software development team.

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BOADICEA v5 Reseller

BOADICEA (The Breast and Ovarian Analysis of Disease Incidence and Carrier Estimation Algorithm) is a risk modeling program used to calculate probabilities of carrying mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, and to estimate future risks of breast and ovarian cancer based on family history.

FamHis is a reseller of BOADICEA version 5, with a variety of access and licensing options to fit your needs.  The BOADICEA risk assessment model is also included in the FamGenix platform.  Contact us to discuss your interest in utilizing BOADICEA for your organization.

Gathering and recording family history has never been easier.

With over 20 years experience developing family health history and pedigree software tools for healthcare providers worldwide, we know a thing or two about how to efficiently and accurately record family history data. See for yourself, visit the FamGenix site to schedule a demo or sign up for a free 30-day trial of our Provider portal and platform.