We're building the next generation of family pedigree and health history applications.

Providing patients and clinicians a starting point for preventative healthcare and a path toward precision medicine.

Our Mission

We’ve spent our entire careers helping clinicians deal with capturing family histories from their patients all over the world. It’s now time to empower patients to take control of their own data and begin to unleash the power of knowing their family history. In a world where healthcare costs are rising to levels that are unsustainable, we need to take measures into our own hands and begin to take steps to help formulate care plans that allow us to live longer, healthier lives. Family history is the place to start. It’s the precursor to the eventual implementation of precision medicine.

Michael Brammer

Founder & CEO

FamHis, Inc. is a company dedicated to building the ultimate software platform for gathering, editing, storing and maintaining family history data for patients worldwide. I’ve spent the majority of my career assisting healthcare providers throughout the world gather family histories on their patients and have come to realize there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. Families are complicated, and I speak from authority being the father of 11 kids myself (don’t try this at home). Building software to gather, record and manage family histories is not easy, so let the experts show you the way by licensing our software tools so you can focus on more important things and we’ll handle the family history stuff for you.