Family history takes generations to unfold, but it doesn't need to take that long to collect it.

Empower your patients to track their own family health history.

Alleviate the time-consuming and expensive process of gathering family health history from your patients by utilizing the FamGenix app and platform.

  • Improve efficiency and save time – clinicians can see more patients and spend more time consulting and less time gathering data.
  • Increase data accuracy – patients and family members can take the necessary time to provide more accurate and detailed health history.
  • Identify at-risk individuals automatically – the app uses published guidelines to identify patients who meet criteria for further genetic counseling or testing.
  • Facilitate cascade screening – Help patients identify other at-risk family members
  • Promote communication and collaboration  – mobile app technology makes tracking, sharing and maintaining an ongoing family health history easier and more accessible than previous traditional methods.
  • Patient controls their own data – no data is ever shared without their consent.
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Embrace Preventative Healthcare

The time and cost saving benefits of the FamGenix platform provides an optimal solution for a variety of markets interested in having families track their family health and determining inherited disease risk:

    • Cancer Centers
    • Breast Cancer Clinics / MRI Centers
    • Hospital Systems with Clinical Genetics Services
    • Genetic Counselors
    • Telegenetic Companies
    • Research Centers
    • Rare Disease Consortiums
    • Non-Profits / Advocacy Groups
    • EMR Vendors
    • Companies in genetics with a need for capturing family histories
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